Hi there, welcome to my website. This is Niloufar (Nellie), a scientist with an extreme interest in nanoelectronic and optoelectronic devices. I am expert in nanodevice fabrication, simulation, and characterization. I have developed a new generation of nanoelectronic devices with flexibility to pave the way for wearable electronics. I have completed my postdoctoral research fellowship by winning an $ 80'000 grant from national research foundation in the Department of Chemical Engineering at "Pohang University of Science and Technology" (POSTECH) (a world-leading research base university in Korea).


I have graduated from the department of materials science and engineering at POSTECH with honors and noticeable accomplishments (August 2016). I have more than seven years of successful experiences in thin film semiconductor processing, fabrication of nanoelectronic devices and development of emerging nonvolatile memories. I have worked on CMOS-based nanodevices including fabrication and characterization of nonvolatile memory devices focusing on the new generation of flexible nonvolatile memories (Resistive Switching Random Access Memories (ReRAMs), Conductive Bridge Memories (CBRAMs), Thin Film Transistors (TFTs) and Phase Change Memories (PCRAMs)).

Beyond my practical skills in material related research and development, I have seven years of successful experience in project management and controlling R&D and engineering projects. I have fruitful experience in planning projects on Gantt charts, as well as time management, resource management, and milestone management using Microsoft Project and Primavera P6. I am highly skilled in writing project proposals, research plans, progress reports, manuscripts and patents due to frequent practices. I am extremely motivated to do challenging research in the semiconductor industry including thin film processing, fabrication and characterization of emerging nonvolatile memories (eNVM), artificial synapses, tunable metadevices, flexible/stretchable electronics, and biodegradable wearable devices with an organization, company, or research center. I have practical experiences in various research areas including energy harvesting devices, fuel cells (specifically SOFCs), solar cells, and materials characterization. Beyond my practical skills in material related research and development, I have a successful experience in project management and controlling EPC projects. Please feel free to start a conversation via +44(0)7375861949 or nelirh@postech.ac.kr about the fields that I have extensive experience in. I am also fully capable of collaboratively applying my skills in a new field to solve an industrial problem.